Red Sox Stuff!!!

By Jack Healey

I wrote the other day that Red Sox fans shouldn’t get too giddy about the four game sweep over the Yankees because they have to do it again in October. I was being somewhat facetious. Red Sox fans aren’t stupid. They all know nothing means anything until October. We know! We know! We know!
The bullpen does concern me and has all year. One thing is that a pitcher or two from the starting rotation will be put into the bullpen so that should strengthen the bullpen a bit in the post season. How about David Price in the pen in the post season? he wasn’t bad there last year.
my prayers go out to Jerry Remy as he again battles cancer.
Don’t forget the Travis Roy wiffleball tournament this weekend at “Little Fenway”, “Little Wrigley”, and “Little Field of Dreams.” They are located on the Essex/Jericho line.
Happy 90th birthday to Bob Cousy! We luv ya COOZ!!!