Pro Bowl , White House Visit And Taking Suggestions

By Jack Healey
I didn’t watch any of the NHL competition because I was busy. I wasn’t busy yesterday except that I did watch “Godfather I”. Anyway I watched the Pro Bowl for about five minutes. That’s five minutes of my life I’ll never get back. What a joke! It is a complete joke! What is even more of a joke is that some fans, {the stupid ones} actually care who gets voted in. You people have to get a life. To think there was all that hoopla about whether Tom Brady deserved to be voted in. What a waste of time!
The Red Sox’ Mookie Betts and Rafael Devers have both decided they aren’t going to visit the White House. That’s their personal business and I get that, but I will repeat that if I played on a championship team, I would go. Politics wouldn’t even enter my mind. It’s an honor to go and I would be honored to meet any president regardless of my political point of view.
It’s funny that legendary baseball writer Peter Gammons tried to say the same thing on twitter a couple of weeks ago. I say tried because Gammons wrote that it is about the “White House”, The People’s House”, “The House of Lincoln” etc., but then he said “It’s not about Charlottesville or Puerto Rico.”
Geez Peter! You talk about how it shouldn’t be about politics and then you put politics into your tweet. You must think we’re all stupid. Hate to say it, but stick to writing about baseball!
This has to do with my job as a part time morning sports announcer on a radio station in Rutland. Every once in awhile we will get a suggestion as to how to do our job. As a matter of fact once in awhile is too often. This particular caller complained that we have sports too often and unlike the news and weather how the Red Sox or Patriots do, doesn’t affect his life.
I will say that for the one millionth time, our sportscasts are for the sports fan, for the people that like sports, not for the people who don’t like sports. Outside of sports stations, the problem with sportscasts on most radio stations and TV is that those sportscasts are for people who don’t like sports.
Look at Channel 3 with their two minute sportscast at the end of an hour and a half of news, much of it national and endless weather reports. They don’t want to lose the audience to people who don’t like sports. I get that, but for me it’s a turnoff. The radio audience is changing all the time in an hour, but the TV audience is more stationary.
Why does NPR and VPR even bother with sports? How about using inflection once in awhile.
I don’t know why for some reason people think they know more about broadcasting than the people in broadcasting. I’d like our listeners to call us and tell us what they do for a living so we can tell them how to do their job, just like they tell us how to do our job.