One Winner And That’s It

By Jack Healey
The Kansas City Chiefs are the Super Bowl champions and everybody else lost. Losing in the Super Bowl is the hardest loss of all!
First trip to the Super Bowl in 50 years for Kansas City and the Patriots have been there nine times since 2002. Absolutely remarkable and in the salary cap era too!Unbelievable!
My prediction was Kansas City 35 San Francisco 20 and it was 31-20 Kansas City. Of course it’s pure luck,but it’s nice to be close.I had a mediocre year ending up 156-110.
I watched the whole Super Bowl, but I can’t remember any commercials that actual stood out. Not one. The “Mr. Peanut” commercial was stupid! I didn’t see the halftime show, but the pre-game was fantastic.
Joe Buck and Troy Aikman were top notch. Outstanding as usual!