By Jack Healey
I don’t expect objectivity on social media from the every day nitwit,but is too much to ask from national pundits? Geez many are as bad as the nitwits.
I was at the Castleton vs. St. Joes of Connecticut mens basketball game last night and as many may or may not know that legendary coach Jim Calhoun who won three national championships at UConn is the coach at St. Joes now. St. Joes won the game 87-41 and Jim coached like it was a 2 point game. He sat in a high stool only a few feet from me and I laughed as he complained that Castleton was traveling every time down the floor. By the way in the second half, Coach Calhoun didn’t return to the sideline until about 10 minutes left in the game.
Except for Coach Calhoun’s time coaching in high school, I have broadcast games of his at all his venues…UVM vs. Northeastern, UVM vs. UCONN and Castleton vs. St. Joes of Connecticut!
A great experience!