NFL Week #7

By Jack healey
I went 9-5 last week and I now stand at 52-39 in the NFL picks.
Here goes for this week:
Thursday October 17th, 2019
Kansas City over Denver
Sunday October 20th, 2019
Atlanta over the LA Rams
Buffalo over Miami
Cincinnati over Jacksonville
Detroit over Minnesota
Green Bay over Oakland
Indianapolis over Houston
NY Giants over Arizona
San Francisco over Washington
Tennessee over LA Chargers
Chicago over New Orleans
Seattle over Baltimore
Dallas over Philadelphia
Monday October 21st,2019
NE Patriots over the NY Jets
I have often wondered why fans in the NFL root for teams to win individual games in their own division when it would help their team’s chances if a team outside your division beats a team within your division.
For example last week when the Patriots played the Giants. Why would Dallas Cowboys fans or Philadelphia Eagles fans be rooting for the Giants? I get it, you hate the Patriots, but to root for a team in your division to win is stupid, ridiculous and beyond dumb! It makes no sense!