NFL Week #6, Clayton Kershaw , Joe Kelly and Houston You Have A Problem!

By Jack Healey
It’s week #6 in the NFL. I went 8-7 last week and my overall record is 43-34.
Thursday October 10th
NE Patriots over NY Giants
Sunday October 13th
Carolina over Tampa Bay
Seattle over Cleveland
Kansas City over Houston
Washington over Miami
Minnesota over Philadelphia
New Orleans over Jacksonville
Baltimore over Cincinnati
LA Rams over San Francisco
Atlanta over Arizona
Denver over Tennessee
Dallas over the NY Jets
LA Chargers over Pittsburgh
Monday October 14th
Green Bay over Detroit

Clayton Kershaw is a Hall of Famer no doubt, but he will always be known for his post season failures. That was a major meltdown last night! How about the disaster by the Atlanta Braves? Fans can rationalize all they want about great seasons, but as far as I’m concerned the season is down the drain for the Dodgers and the Braves. If you lose in the wildcard game or the division or championship series it’s no different than not making it to the playoffs. No difference between the Red Sox, Dodgers or Braves.
I was mocked on the NSN talk show by saying Houston is in trouble if there is a game 5 against Tampa Bay. Of course if you are in a game 5 after being up 2-0 I would say you’re in trouble. It’s all forgotten if the Astros win game 5 and they do have Gerrit Cole going so I think they do win, but anything can happen and yes I would say Houston is in trouble. They’re in trouble because they shouldn’t even be in a game 5.
Man the Jim Rome Show sucks! It really does!
I forgot to mention Joe Kelly!