NFL And College Football Notes

By Jack Healey
I went 12-4 in the final regular season weekend of the NFL and now stand at 143-81.
It’s the wilcard weekend coming up and tomorrow I’m going with Houston over Indianapolis and Seattle over Dallas.
On Sunday I’m going with Baltimore over the LA Chargers and Chicago over Philadelphia.
I went a mediocre 19-20 through the 39 college football games and there is one game to go Alabama vs. Clemson in the National Championship game on Monday night. I’m going with Clemson over Alabama just to be different even though deep down I really don’t believe it, but what the heck. I will say this that with all the talk of the football playoffs expanding and who should be in and out and all that stuff the two best teams are playing for the championship so what’s the problem? They could’ve decided that in September. This would probably be an Orange, Sugar or Cotton Bowl match-up in the old days before the playoff system.
Can Alabama beat certain teams in the NFL? No of course not!
Clemson can’t beat anybody in the NFL either even if it beats Alabama. That’s always nonsense talk.
I’ve probably said this before, but I think Keith Olberman is a great announcer. My only problem is I can’t stand him! I can’t even watch him for two seconds doing SportsCenter. His arrogance just oozes out of the TV. I want punch my TV when he’s on.