More Julian Edelman And Dan Shaughnessy

By Jack Healey
Geez! Let it go people! Julian Edelman was popped for PED’s so therefore he shouldn’t have been playing in the Super Bowl, let alone MVP. I’m still hearing it from the idiots on Fox Sports Radio. I listened for about two minutes on Friday night and that’s all they were talking about. It was almost a week after the Super Bowl and they were still talking about that plus a little added commentary that “two cheaters” were were at Disney World Julian Edelman and Tom Brady. I repeat the PED suspension rule in the NFL is different from major league baseball. One has nothing to do with the other! Get over it! Geez!
I’ve mentioned that I didn’t think Edelman should’ve been the MVP, but not because of the PED’s,but because somebody on the defense deserved it.
By the way I don’t think Edelman is a Hall of Famer, but I think his post season record could be used as an argument. It’s no different than the Hall of Fame argument for Eli Manning. How much do you take into account the post season versus the regular season? Regular season stats versus post season stats.
I mention all the time that I can’t stand it when sportswriters put politics in the middle of their columns. This one might take the grand prize:
I’m reading Dan Shaughnessey’s column in the Boston Globe last Sunday and right in the middle of his “column” he says “Curt Schilling should be the baseball coach at Covington High School”. Yes he wrote that. UNBELIEVABLE!
Rumor has it that Cam Coloutti is returning to the Fair Haven basketball team. He is serving a two game suspension and then will return. Keep tuned!
MSJ will be hosting Fair Haven this Friday night February 15th at 7.