More Baseball, High School Football Week # 9 And NFL Week # 8

By Jack Healey
I had no problem with Steve Pearce being named the World Series MVP, but I wouldn’t have had a problem with David Price either. Pearce had the tying home run in game 4 and the bases clearing double that blew the game open in that game as well and then in the clinching game 5 he had a 2 run homer that got the Sox off quickly and then an insurance solo homer later on. I saw a comment from a voter who said he was leaning toward voting for Price until the 2nd Pearce home run. We all know what Price did to warrant the MVP of course. Personally I don’t care as I’m just happy the Red Sox won.
I don’t think Price will opt out of his contract, but if he does I don’t think it would be such a bad thing as far as the Sox are concerned. If Price goes elsewhere that’s a lot of money off the books for the Sox.
Why does anybody have a problem with Sox players singing New York-New York? They were just having fun and it was just an answer to Aaron Judge blaring New York-New York at Fenway Park after game 2 of the ALDS. That was all in fun too and I said so right here in my blog.
I always thought I’d go to any Red Sox victory parade no matter where I was if the Sox finally won the World Series, but I haven’t gone to one. I won’t be going tomorrow either, but you can bet I’ll be watching on television.
I went 11-3 in high school football in week #9 and now stand at 97-36 on the year.
I went 13-1 in NFL week #8 and now stand at 77-42 on the year.