Local Guy Playing In The Pros And A Few NFL Notes

By Jack Healey
Pittsford native Lucas Bombardier has signed a professional contract with the Greenville, South Carolina Swamp Rabbits of the East Coast Hockey League.
Lucas had been playing pro hockey with the Knoxville Ice Bears of the Southern Professional Hockey League.
Lucas played college hockey and lacrosse at Trine University in Angola, Indiana. He played hockey under coach Alex Todd, who was a former mens hockey coach at Castleton University.
The East Coast Hockey League is one tier below the American Hockey League which is one tier below the National Hockey League.
The Greenville Swamp Rabbits at one time were affiliated with the New York Rangers, but now are independent.
Lucas graduated from The Governor’s Academy in Massachusetts and started his college hockey career at AIC in Springfield, Mass. before transferring to Trine University.
Lucas is the first Trine alum to score a pro goal.
His sister Rachel was an outstanding hockey and lacrosse player at Castleton University.
The New York Post that bastion of journalistic integrity has done it again!
Yesterday the Post had an article about Tom Brady overestimating himself and not reaching incentives in his contract. Really? That’s news? I would dare say that most players have incentives in their contracts and sometimes they reach them and sometimes they don’t. So of all the players in the NFL, the New York Post decides to single out Tom Brady who doesn’t even play for a team that the Post covers. Unbelievable! Will people and media get off this guy’s back! It really is getting old!
Let’s see the Miami Dolphins win a game on a miracle and they ride the momentum to three straight victories to romp their way into the playoffs where they will be a team that nobody wants to play. Oh! Wait A minute! Never mind!