Jack Healey’s Blog September 20th, 2017

The Red Sox and Yankees keep on winning and lo and behold Matt Barnes  actually picked up a save after Rafael Devers put him in a hole with a two out error in the last of the 11th.Barnes could’ve gone in the tank, but didn’t.

I love Devers and he is the 3rd baseman going forward, but his defense sometimes is not good. We knew that though!

Minnesota certainly isn’t playing like it has a playoff spot on the line.

Still don’t get the hate on Joe Buck. I just don’t understand why so many in the public constantly are trashing him. It’s always about what he says, but it’s never about his play by play. He is a great baseball and football play by play guy!! Unless you have a criticism about the play by play, which of course you shouldn’t, just shut-up!