Jack Healey’s Blog October 12th, 2017

You have to give the Yankees a lot of credit. Down 2-0 after a devastating loss and then coming back to win three straight  with the 5th game on the road to advance to the American League Championship Series. A couple of things;

The Yankees bailed out Joe Girardi for his game 2 blunder. Instead of having a Grady Little moment, it is now just a footnote in history.

Cleveland was red hot going into the series plus remember the Indians had that 22 game winning streak so again so much for momentum.[How many times do I have to prove what a crock that is?]

The season series doesn’t mean anything either. Cleveland was 5-2 against the Yankees during the regular season. The Astros were also 5-2 against the Yankees during the regular season. I think Houston wins the ALCS, but I can’t guarantee it. Would anybody be surprised if the Yankees won? No not really.

Now for Cleveland:

Another year without a championship. Another year of disappointment. I thought Cleveland was going to win the World Series and so did a lot of people.

Does this hurt Terry Francona’s legacy? I hate to say it, but I think it does at least a little bit.

Ok last year was one thing, but Cleveland did blow a 3-1 lead in the World Series and lost the final two games at home and this year blew a 2-0 lead in the ALCS after getting a gift in game 2 and lost a 5th and deciding game at home. Those are the facts!

On the same day the Yankees advance the Red Sox fire John Farrell. I don’t know  exactly, but there is some irony in that.

Week #6 in the NFL. I went 6-8 last week and I now stand at 44-33.

Thursday October 12th:

Carolina over Philadelphia

Sunday October 15th

Atlanta over Miami

Green Bay over Minnesota

New Orleans over Detroit

NE Patriots over the Jets

Washington over San Francisco

Baltimore over Chicago

Houston over Cleveland

Tampa Bay over Arizona

LA Rams over Jacksonville

Kansas City over Pittsburgh

Oakland over the LA Chargers

Denver over the NY Giants

Monday October 16th

Tennessee over Indianapolis