Jack Healey’s Blog October 10th, 2017

It’s all over for the Red Sox as Houston beat the Sox 5-4 and take the ALDS 3 games to 1.

About the game:

I was all for Chris Sale pitching into the 8th so I have no problem with that.

Craig Kimbrel failed in the last appearance of the year. Ok he came on with runners on base in the 8th inning, but he allowed the go ahead RBI single by Josh Reddick, but he gave up an insurance RBI double to Carlos Beltran in the 9th. Can’t let the other team add on runs.

No consolation to win the division and then lose in the division series. The season is down the drain as far as I’m concerned. That being said the Red Sox just lost to a better team. A much better team and I did predict Houston to win the series in 4.

Sox have a lot of work to do next year. The team obviously needs power and a power bat or 2 has to be added. Number 2 ranked bullpen, but they just didn’t pass the eye test for me. Apparently John Farrell didn’t trust the bullpen or it wouldn’t have been Sale coming back in the 8th even though I agree with the move as I wrote before.  Not sure if John Farrell will be fired or not, but fans should realize that everything wasn’t Farrell’s fault. The team wasn’t good enough and that is the fault of the front office.

When does spring training start?

I went 6-8 in the NFL week #5 to go to 44-32 on the year.