Jack Healey’s Blog March 8th, 2018

A couple of more pet peeves and maybe I’ve mentioned them before and maybe not:
There are fans and some coaches who don’t like byes and that is hard to believe.
You do realize that when you have a bye you have already won that game, right?
You do realize that you have one less game to win en route to a championship,right?
You do realize that it is one less game where there is a possibility of an injury, right? I’ll grant you that an injury could happen in practice, but you know what I mean.
You do realize of course that if you do lose a game after a bye, you can always use the excuse that your team was rusty or wasn’t sharp after the lay off. You know you would use that as an excuse. It has been used as an excuse as long as I can remember.
On another note I see Yankee fans were celebrating again after the Yankees victory over the Mets in spring training. We are talking about practice…. PRACTICE! I know Yankee fans are excited about their team and it is a good one, but pump the brakes just a little bit. It’s PRACTICE!