Jack Healey’s Blog March 2nd, 2018

No it wasn’t the NHL All Star game, it was a regular season game as the Bruins beat Pittsburgh 8-4. Tukka Rask got the win, but he stunk the joint out. Sorry he isn’t elite! If the Bruins had Henrick Lundqvist or Braden Holtby in goal I think they would win the Stanley Cup.
Spring training games don’t mean anything of course, but it is fun to look at individuals and have you noticed that the Red Sox’ Blake Swihart and Yankees’ rookie Miguel Andujar are tearing the cover off the ball? Andujar already has four home-runs in spring training. I don’t think the success of individuals means that much either as I remember a couple of years ago Mike Napoli had a great spring training and then started the regular season off 3 for 30 or something like that.
In boys basketball last night Rice lost to St. Johnsbury for its third loss of the year and 2nd straight. The official seedings and pairings will be out on Monday, but Rutland has locked up the #1 seed in Division 1 and it would appear that the Raiders will get a bye to the quarters. Rutland, Rice, Mt. Mansfield and St. Johnsbury look like the top four seeds. Rutland looks to complete an undefeated regular season tonight at Burr and Burton.
I understand that a team like North Country might not want to travel six hours to Rutland to get eliminated in the first round.[OOPS I mean play downs], but I would play if it were up to me. What kind of lesson does that teach? I rather play and get crushed than not even try. Remember I wrote yesterday that #16 BFA defeated #1 Rutland in 1985. To be fair that BFA team did win eight games and as I wrote yesterday was better than the record. Maybe the VPA should go back to the 40% win rule. I’d be for that since some schools have a 40% win policy which might be the case for North Country and I’m pretty sure is the case for Brattleboro anyway. Make it a 40% win policy and take the decision of going to playoffs out of the hands of the schools.
I know you have been waiting all year, but the Iditarod gets underway tomorrow!