Jack Healey’s Blog March 28th, 2018

Yes the Red Sox have the highest payroll in baseball and the Yankees have the 7th highest payroll.I will say what I always wanted Yankee fans to say over the years when payroll was mentioned. I say So What?
The Red Sox are hardly a team of free agents,even though they have a few. The Sox’ left fielder, center fielder, right fielder, shortstop, catcher and 2nd baseman when Dustin Pedroia gets back are all home grown. Also the 3rd baseman is an international free agent which is the result of good scouting.David Price of course was a free agent as were JD Martinez and Hanley Ramirez to name a few and they drive the payroll up like expensive players that the Sox received in trades like Chris Sale and Craig Kimbrell.
Anyway it was a perfect storm for the Yankees as their stars are young players so they don’t have to pay the piper just yet, they got a great deal for Stanton and some big contracts have been taken off the books. The Red Sox will also have to pay the piper for their young players and already have to a certain extent as they lost the arbitration case with Mookie Betts. I’m pretty sure that the payroll situation will change very soon and the Yankees will be near the top in payroll and if were a Yankee fan I’d say So What?
By the way this isn’t the first time the Red Sox have had the highest payroll. The Red Sox had the highest payroll in 1990. SO WHAT?