Jack Healey’s Blog March 14th, 2018

More snow and more postponements! It’s been that kind of a year!
Free agency in pro football and Patriot fans are in a panic! Come on folks they will have a team in the fall and it will be pretty good. Hate to see Danny Amendola, Malcolm Butler and Dion Lewis go, but that happens in football. The Packers had to cut Jordy Nelson and Seattle no longer has Richard Sherman. It happens. The Patriots may or may not get back to the Super Bowl in awhile, but they have been in three of the last four and won two so I wouldn’t panic about anything for another 25 years or so which is about how long it’s been since the Dallas Cowboys have been in the Super Bowl. Of course I don’t have 25 years, but maybe you do.
I do know this I remember hearing talk that it was all over for the Patriot dynasty after they lost the Super Bowl to the Giants in 2012. Well as I said the Patriots have been in three Super Bowls and won two since then and the Giants haven’t been close to the Super Bowl!