Jack Healey’s Blog March 12th, 2018

I know you are innocent until proven guilty, but with the video of Odell Beckham out on the internet the usual big mouths on twitter and facebook are strangely silent. Why is that? Oh I know why it’s not one of the Patriots that’s why. Can you imagine if the video was Rob Gronkowski or Tom Brady? Social media would be burning up! What a bunch of hypocrites!
Rutland High is now 21-0 and has won 38 straight games, but they shouldn’t be looking past St. Johnsbury in the boys basketball semi-finals tomorrow night.
The Raiders defeated St. Johnsbury twice during the regular season, 59-47 at St. Johnsbury as the Hill Toppers scored the first 11 points of the game and 55-46 in overtime at home. It should be a great final four with Rutland vs. St. Johnsbury to be followed by Rice and Mt. Mansfield.
This is the 9th time since 1973 that a team has entered the division 1 tournament undefeated. Only twice has a team gone on to complete an unbeaten season. Middlebury did it in 1983 and Burlington did it in 2008. Also the top four seeds are in the semi’s, but in the 46 seeded tournaments since 1973 the #1 seed has won 9 titles, #2 seed 16 titles, #3 seed 11 titles and #4 seed 4 titles. #1 seeds are 9-18 in the finals and 27-14 in the semi’s.