Jack Healey’s Blog June 16th, 2-017

The Red Sox need a bat! Preferably at 3rd base! Do Something! Oh how I hate to see a pitching performance like Chris Sale’s last night go to waste.

I haven’t see all of it, but I have seen part of the ESPN 30 for 30 series on the Celtics-Lakers rivalry called “Best of Enemies”. It’s amazing how dominating the Celtics were for at least the early part of the rivalry. Several clips from Jerry West as to how frustrating it was for them. Jerry West was a great player, heck he’s the NBA logo, but he came up short every time. He is still the only player to win an NBA Finals MVP while being on the losing team. It happened in 1969. Lebron in my opinion could’ve been the Finals MVP this year while playing on the losing team.

I think back at Red Auerbach and what a poor winner and poor sport he was. The lighting of the cigar when a Celtics victory was imminent was the ultimate in poor sportsmanship and as they put it in the 30 for 30 series, it was the first trash talking. I guess it was,but despite all those things Auerbach was a winner and a genius. I don’t think Vince Lombardi or George Steinbrenner were exactly gracious winners either.

Then there was Johnny Most. Need I say more? Perhaps the most biased play by play announcer ever! Yes and everybody admitted it and I idolized him growing up and listening to him was a big partof the whole experience. Yes the Celtics never disappointed year after year after year!