Jack Healey’s Blog July 3rd, 2017

The fans are getting better. I have no argument with either the American or National League All-Star teams. I suppose you can argue a player here and there, but all in all great job baseball fans!

Sox pitcher Chris Sale is on the AL team. I don’t want him to start the game and why would any Sox fan want him to start? I think he will, but wouldn’t you rather he not pitch and risk injury? Same for Craig Kimbrel for that matter who is also on the team.

The Red Sox defeated Toronto yesterday by a score of 15-1. Another nice job by Drew Pomerantz as he got the win. Fernando Abad got the save. Yes there was a save in a 15-1 game. Isn’t that ridiculous?

If the Celtics don’t sign Gordon Hayward it wouldn’t ruin my summer. Don’t get me wrong would love the Celtics to get him, but unless he signs with Miami most of the big ¬†signings are in the Western Conference so it’s status quo in the East!