Jack Healey’s Blog July 17th, 2017

Craig Kimbrel has pitched great this year for the Red Sox and picked up the save against the Yankees last night so this might seem like nitpicking, but all three of his blown saves this year came on home-runs to tie games. I find that to be disturbing. Kendrys Morales of Toronto, Mike Napoli of Texas and Matt Holliday of the Yankees. The Red Sox did win the games against Toronto and Texas, but not against the Yankees. Three home-runs to tie a game by a closer is too many in my opinion.

The Sox and Yankees split the four game series. David Price’s win last night was huge. I personally didn’t think he had it in him. Let’s talk about momentum…. Yankees give up a game on Friday and come right back to win the next two games and the Red Sox score 0ne run in like 22 innings are dead in the water, but come back to win the game last night. Tell me about momentum again. What a crock!

Why are the Red Sox still protesting Saturday’s game? The interference or no interference had nothing to do with the outcome so why bother?