Jack Healey’s Blog January 31st, 2018

So now it’s Tom Brady’s fault for having his daughter on a public show thus opening up criticism by the public and talk show hosts. Really? Most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Let me say again. Family is off limits……wives, sons, daughters, siblings, uncles, aunts…..everybody unless your dad is LaVar Ball. An article in the Boston Herald yesterday virtually pinned the blame on Tom Brady for the Boston talk show host calling his daughter, who by the way is 5 years old, a name. Thankfully every comment from the public that I read online about the column disagreed with the Herald writer. I also commented and I said Bull crap! Talk about blaming the victim!

So now every time a player has a son or daughter on the podium with them after a win has subjected the kids to ridicule and it’s their fault? Drew Brees’ kids should be ridiculed because they were horsing around on the sidelines at the Pro Bowl because it was Drew’s fault for having them there and it was on national television. Drew of course didn’t get any criticism because it was Drew Brees and not Tom Brady. Of course that’s another story!

Another coach accusing the Patriots of cheating in the previous Pats-Eagles Super Bowl. Again to that I say bull crap! Let it go!!!!