Jack Healey’s Blog January 25th, 2018

I predicted four players correctly getting into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Chipper Jones, Jim Thome, Vladimir Guerrero and Trevor Hoffman all getting in as I thought they would. I thought Edgar Martinez would get in, but he fell 20 votes shy. I think he will get in next year.

I watched about three hours of coverage on the MLB network yesterday about who and who doesn’t deserve to be in the Hall and I enjoyed every minute of it. It’s a lot more fun then the endless coverage of the Super Bowl. [I think the pre-game show for the Super Bowl started on Sunday at about 10 PM].

Loved watching Chris “Mad Dog” Russo’s take on why Larry Walker didn’t deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. He said that Walker would avoid tough left handed pitchers like Randy Johnson. It was pointed out that Walker was 11-28 against Johnson in his career. Also he advocated Jeff Kent over Scott Rolen saying among other things that Kent batted clean-up and Rolen didn’t. It was pointed out to him that Rolen actually batted clean-up more often than Kent did. OOPS!!! Great job by the MLB Network on its coverage though. It was great!

On another note did you hear that ESPN’s Dan Le Batard said on his radio show that he couldn’t understand why there isn’t at least some suspicion on Tom Brady using PED’s and there was some suspicion toward Peyton Manning. Well first of all I don’t think Brady ever had HGH delivered to his house like Manning did. Even though the deliveries were apparently for Manning’s wife, I would think that would be enough to raise at least some suspicion. Don’t you? OOPS!!!

I lost a lot of respect for Le Batard a few years ago when he made a farce out of his Baseball Hall of Fame vote.

Also why is Le Batard’s ESPN TV show still on the air? Actually I admit I do watch the show and it has grown on me, but that’s because I love Le Batard’s father. I think his father is funny and actually makes the show in my opinion.

Another suspension for the Bruins’ Brad Marchand. Five games and it seems fair to me. Marchand is a great player, but he’s a punk plain and simple!