Jack Healey’s Blog January 23rd, 2018

If you’re a Patriots fans don’t you love how people hate the Patriots? I do and I don’t care. Winners are hated:

The Celtics, the Yankees, Red Auerbach, George Steinbrenner, Bobby Knight, Alabama, Nick Saban, Bill Belichick…. All hated, but all winners!

Great call by the New York Dailey News on their prediction that Matt Patricia would be the next coach of the New York Giants. If you haven’t heard, Patricia won’t be going to the Giants and either will Bill Belichick for that matter. It will be Pat Shurmur who I’m sure will do a good job, but do the Dailey News or the New York Post ever get tired of getting things wrong?

I’m not a big fan of  Dan Shaughnessey of the Boston Globe, but he recently was named the Massachusetts Sportswriter of the Year for 2017. Go figure!