Jack Healey’s Blog January 22nd, 2018

A week ago today in this blog I said “Shut-Up” to all the people on social media whining about the officiating and whining about how the officials favor the Patriots.

Today I say “Stop embarrassing yourselves!” and you are embarrassing yourselves! I love the comments that say I don’t care who wins and I don’t have a dog in the fight, but man the officials sure favor the Patriots and they get all the calls! Of course you care who wins or you wouldn’t bother commenting on the officiating. If I was watching a game and I had no rooting interest I might mutter to myself about the officiating, but basically I wouldn’t care and I certainly wouldn’t be posting on social media!

Geez yesterday was over the top. The Patriots only were called for one penalty. Yes they were and give me an example of another Patriot penalty that wasn’t called. Can’t do it can you? By the way it’s called discipline and good coaching.

The  calls against Jacksonville were good calls.[Sorry]! Both pass interference calls were called correctly whether you like it or not. There was another possible pass interference against Jacksonville that wasn’t called. The helmet to helmet hit on Gronk. Of course it was! Remember he missed over a half with a concussion. I don’t think the defender meant it, but it still should’ve been a penalty.

I  thought the most controversial play of the game went Jacksonville’s way. That was the fumble by Dion Lewis that certainly could’ve been reversed in my opinion, but wasn’t. Again as I said last week Shut Up! And as I’m saying this week Stop embarrassing yourselves! You are looking ridiculous!

So it’s the Patriots vs. the Eagles in the Super Bowl on February 4th. I went 2-0 in the championship games yesterday and my overall record is now 167-99.