Jack Healey’s Blog January 18th, 2018

I think it’s great that MSJ is going back to varsity football after breaking off from the co-op program with Poultney. I think Tucker Peterson will do a great job as coach and has a great staff including his dad Art Peterson. Art was not only a former coach at Mill River as was Tucker, but Art was the founder of Mill River football. MSJ will be in Division 3.

I’m like everybody else and I’m wondering about the numbers, but MSJ is confident that they will be OK even though there are other boys sports going on at MSJ in the fall.

You hope the program can sustain itself because if it doesn’t I don’t see football coming back again to where at one time it was the premier football program in the state.

Think about this! MSJ has won  17 Division 1 state championships including 12 in the championship game era. MSJ’s last Division 1 state championship was in 2005. Compare that to other Division 1 programs  in the championship game era:

BFA-St. Albans has never won a Division 1 state championship. Burlington has won one Division 1 state title and it was in 1970. That was the first state title game and ironically it came against MSJ. MSJ though defeated Burlington in the 1974, 1985 and 1986 Division 1 state championship games.

South Burlington has won two Division 1 state title games with the last one coming against MSJ in 1982. MSJ by the way defeated South Burlington in both the 1976 and 1977 Division 1 state title games. Mt. Anthony has won two Division 1 state title games, the last one coming back in 1994. That’s 24 years ago! Brattleboro has won one Division 1 state title game and that was back in 1973. That was 45 years ago!