Jack Healey’s Blog February 9th, 2018

I guess the Celtics won the Kyrie Irving trade.

Does anybody really think the Philadelphia Eagles are going to win the Super Bowl again next year?

On what I wrote yesterday about Josh McDaniels deciding not to move to the Colts to become their coach. I couldn’t understand why it was called a sleazy move because McDaniels has a right for his own personal happiness and can change his mind if he wants to.

I got a note from a reader that wrote: ” Why does someone offered a job have the right to change their mind without being sleazy, but someone offering the job doesn’t have the same right?”

To that I say:  I do think there is a big difference. Much easier for a company or a team to move on to another potential employee than it is for an employee to get another job after being told they have a job. It’s apples and oranges. If a company finds out something about an employee like he has a criminal record or a sordid past, that’s a different story of course. In my case I was offered a promotion within the company and then it was taken away. I call that sleazy. I call company wide layoffs sleazy too. Yes there is a big difference!