Jack Healey’s Blog February 2nd, 2018

It’s Groundhog Day! How does it go again? Is the groundhog seeing his shadow a good thing or a bad thing? I can never remember.

Anyway it’s the Super Bowl on Sunday and with one game to go I stand at 167-99. I’ll cut right to the chase. I’m going with the Patriots over Philadelphia. I actually went against the Patriots in the Seattle Super Bowl and I went against the Patriots in the Atlanta game last year. I also went with Carolina against Denver two years ago so I’ve been wrong three years in a row. The last time I was right the Super Bowl was played in a cold weather site as I correctly picked Seattle over Denver. Again this year the game is at a cold weather site even though the game is being played inside this time.

It’s funny the Patriots are favored, but most experts feel that Philly is better on paper at most positions except quarterback among others. I agree with that and I really don’t like the Pats’ defense. They just don’t pass the eye test for me, but I have felt that way since about 2004.

The Patriots lost the two Super Bowls to the Giants because of their defense plain and simple. I don’t care how many points the offense scored the Patriots had the lead in the final two minutes in both those games and the defense couldn’t close the deal. It’s no different than a closer blowing a lead in the 9th inning in baseball. The Patriots defense is the key!  That’s it on the analysis from me as goodness we have received a ton of it already and will over the next couple of days too. I’ve managed to ignore most of it. Let’s just get to the game and it gets underway at 6:30 PM Eastern Time on Sunday February 4th in Minnesota!

How about Jeopardy last night? One of the categories was “Talking Football” and they went through the whole category without one of the three contestants even attempting to answer. It was unbelievable! It even made ESPN’s Sports Center today. Now let me just say I wouldn’t exactly be too good in a lot of categories either like “Opera” or “Rocket Science” to name a few, but I have watched Jeopardy for about 60 years and I have never seen a complete category go by without at least one guess.