Jack Healey’s Blog December 6th, 2017

Gronk’s appeal has been denied and he will serve his one game suspension at Miami on Monday night.

Now let’s cut the nonsense!

The one game suspension was fair. Those who say more than one game are idiots.

You could make the argument that the players from the Monday night Steelers-Bengals fiasco who were also suspended for one game deserved more than one game , but of course I don’t see anybody doing it because it’s not the Patriots.

Miami head coach Adam Gase goes for an onside kick late in the Dolphins-Broncos with the Dolphins leading by a lot, late! I don’t care because it’s the pros and you play to the end, but again if Bill Belichick did that, believe me we would never hear the end of it.

Yes Patriots radio color man Scott Zolak is a homer and way over the top and there was no excuse for defending Gronk for the cheap shot on Sunday.  Zolak did later apologize on twitter by the way. I think Zolak’s biggest flaw is interrupting play by play guy Bob Socci. He does it constantly! If I was Socci I would’ve tossed him out of the booth a long time ago!