Jack Healey’s Blog December 20th, 2017

Geez people! Again! He didn’t catch it! Saw a video on twitter that showed a pass completion in the Super Bowl by Dallas several years ago where the receiver dropped the ball in the end zone and it was called a touchdown and the comment was “This is what a touchdown used to be in the NFL.” The fact is the receiver did make the catch and dropped the ball in the end zone , but he dropped the ball on purpose. It was quick, but he completed the catch. Of course there was no replay back then so it was a moot point anyway.

Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin says the catch rule will be revisited in the off season. Of course! Tomlin is on the rules committee so go figure! Sounds like Don Shula. Don’t like a rule so change it! I repeat it’s a good rule and it does define what a catch is and to me it’s clear. As I wrote earlier this week the call has been consistent. You want to see even more chaos? Get rid of the rule and we will really see what chaos is!

Have the Patriots been lucky over their great run over the last several years? You bet they have been real lucky! Name me a championship team that hasn’t been lucky . You sort of got to be good too don’t you think?

The Pro Bowl selections came out yesterday. Who cares? I for one couldn’t care less!