Jack Healey’s Blog April 4th, 2018

Great trade for the Patriots! I like Brandon Cooks, but he is gone after this year anyway. Those trades are always good as far as I’m concerned regardless of what you get back because you have the risk of losing a player for nothing unless you can resign the player. That’s why I really didn’t see anything wrong with the Jimmy Garoppolo trade either. On the Cooks trade itself you get a first round draft choice which is #23 overall and a 6th round draft pick for Cooks and a 4th round draft choice. Are you kidding me? The Patriots now have two first round draft picks #23 and #31.
How about Shohei Otani? I admit I wasn’t sold on him at first and I know it’s too early to draw any conclusions, but so far so good. His first win and then in the next game his first home run. First time that has happened since Babe Ruth did it in 1921. You might’ve heard of him.