Jack Healey Blog October 25th

I had my best week in the NFL as I went 11-3 to bring my overall record to 61-45.

A petition to have Bob Ueuker broadcast the World Series is somewhat tongue in cheek because  Ueuker was the Indians broadcaster in the movie Major League  where the Cleveland Indians win the pennant. Ueuker by the way is a great broadcaster and is the real life voice of the Milwaukee Brewers, but many people are looking at the petition as real. They want Ueuker instead of Joe Buck. More stupidy from the public on facebook and twitter. When will it end? Joe Buck is great and the hatred on the guy continues to astound me.

Yes there are a lot of Red Sox connections to both the Cubs and the Indians and other teams in the post season this year. I recently mentioned them on NSN.

Dan Shaughnessey of the Boston Globe mentioned the same thing in his column this past Sunday. He implied that the Sox were somewhat stupid to let the players get away or trade the players. That’s all well and good, but he failed to mention that the Red Sox ended up winning a World Series in the time between the “Chicken and the Beer” and this year. A small little detail. Besides if a player is more than one team removed from the Red Sox all bets are off. For example Mike Napoli a member of the 2013 Sox championship team is playing for his 2nd team since being traded by the Red Sox, Coco Crisp has been traded twice since leaving the Red Sox and Andrew Miller has been traded, signed as a free agent and traded again. It’s fun to play the former Red Sox game, but come on there are degrees of separation too!

By the way how about the Yankee connection? Aroldis Chapman traded to the Cubs and Andrew Miller traded to the Indians!