Jack Healey Blog November 29th, 2016

I went 13-3 in the NFL in week #12. My overall total is now 113-64.

The Patriots beat the Jets in a game they could’ve lost. Again despite giving up 17 points I thought the defense struggled again. They did come up with a couple of turnovers for a change.

I don’t understand why the Patriots don’t put more pressure on the quarterback. Is it because they can’t or won’t? I hope it’s because they won’t.

I’ll repeat how finally people are saying now what I’ve talking about for years and that is the Patriots defense is not good. Just saying!

Here’s a stat that I heard yesterday. In the 11 games the Patriots have played the opposing quarterback’s QBR  is better than his regular season average in 8 of those games. That includes Ryan Fitzpatrick last Sunday and Colin Kaepernick the week before. That is scary. That’s why I think opposing teams are doing the Patriots a favor when they run instead of pass even with a mediocre quarterback.