Jack Healey Blog May 16th, 2017

Game 7 goes to the Celtics and it might be the last win for them this year as they will host the mighty Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference finals tomorrow night.

I have always said that you either win or you don’t and believe me I still think that way in the pros, but I think this team has gone as far as it can this year and it’s all relative anyway. It’s one thing not to win a championship when people expect it and it’s another thing to go as far as you possibly can and the Celtics have. I think the Celtics will be lucky to win one game in this upcoming series.

To last night’s game: Yes I wrote here recently that I didn’t think Kelly Olynyk could play, but I was wrong at least for one game because Olynyk certainly could play last night! He was great!

Let’s see you win a game by one on a late 3 pointer with a few seconds to go so you have the momentum going into the next game. It didn’t happen AGAIN! When are you momentum people ever going to learn?

San Antonio coach Gregg Pompous was in rare form yesterday saying that Golden State’s Zaza Pachulia purposely injured Kawhi Leonard in the game 1 Spurs loss. It was an unfortunate injury and granted cost San Antonio the game, but I’ve seen the replay 20 times and I don’t see how that could be considered intentional!