Jack Healey Blog January 12th, 2017

What’s the big deal? I remember when there was a Los Angeles Chargers. Yes the San Diego Chargers started out as the Los Angeles Chargers in the old American Football league and were there for one year before they moved to San Diego.

I’ve been a fan of the old AFL since the very  beginning.

I remember when the Kansas City Chiefs were the Dallas Texans, the Tennessee Titans were the Houston Oilers, The New York Jets were the New York Titans and of course the New England Patriots were the Boston Patriots. I remember the Patriots always playing on Friday nights to avoid going head to head with the New York football Giants on Sunday afternoons. Yes that’s why there were and still are Giant fans in the Boston area and in New England. The Giants were on one channel and the Cleveland Browns on another channel when I was growing up. In the NFL I was a Browns fan, not a Giants fan. I adored Jimmy Brown who in my mind is the greatest player in NFL history. I also liked the Colts for some reason. I think it was because of Johnny Unitas. Of course I was a Patriots fan in the AFL and actually rooted for the Jets to beat the Colts in that first Super Bowl in which the AFL came of age. I guess I wasn’t a Colts fan by that time. I probably would’ve rooted against the Browns too because I really wanted the AFL to make it!

Back to those Friday night Patriots games. I went to those a lot. I would go in by bus with a few friends. They played at BU Field. BU Field was originally Braves Field where the Boston Braves used to play. BU Field at Boston University later became Nickerson Field. The Patriots played everywhere and I saw them in every place… BC Stadium, Harvard Stadium and Fenway Park and the old Shaeffer Stadium later called Sullivan Stadium and Foxboro Stadium in Foxboro. The only place I haven’t seen a game is the present location Gillette Stadium.

So it’s going to be the Los Angeles Chargers again? That’s nothing new!