Jack Healey Blog February 3rd, 2017

George and I will be talking Super Bowl today on NSN from 10 -11 AM as the show will be on for only an hour.

I still have my doubts about that Patriots defense. The Pats are #1 in defense as far as points allowed is concerned and Atlanta is #1 in offense. In the past six Super Bowls when the #1 defense meets the #1 offense the defense has won every time but one. A great stat, but I just don’t look at this Pats defense as as shut down type of defense like Denver last year or the 85 Bears or 86 Giants. I’m going with Atlanta because I know George is going with the Patriots and I trail George by one. George is 170-94 and I stand at 169-95. Oh how I hope I’m wrong and I lose to George by 2 overall.

I agree with George in his blog yesterday  about the South Burlington nickname. I understand all the arguments, but just a few things:

No longer the South Burlington Rebels, but we still have the Leland and Gray Rebels

No longer the Rice Little Indians, but we still have the Danville Indians and the Green Mountain Union High School Chieftains

No longer the CVU Crusaders, but here in Rutland we still have the Christ The King Crusaders.

Of course also here in Rutland it’s no longer the Rutland Red Raiders, but the Rutland Raiders. That was changed several years ago.

Just Saying!