Jack Healey Blog February 23rd, 2017

Come on I’m all for rule changes in baseball to speed up the game, but just waving the guy to first base on an intentional walk is ridiculous. It saves like 20 seconds! It happens about once every three games in the American League. Also don’t tell me it was  more than saving time because it isn’t.

I know it’s rare, but a balk could happen, a wild pitch, a delayed steal. A whole bunch of stuff!

Other changes make sense like trips to the mound, time between pitches etc. It’s funny how the baseball players union can resist all the changes even though the commissioner can unilaterally make the changes with a years notice. Note the key phrase about the players union can vote down the changes if they want to. Just like the players union kept resisting about drug testing year after year after year. Again a reason why I don’t understand why fans thought any of that was Bud Selig’s fault. Again it backs my argument that Selig couldn’t do anything about it. That’s why I believe Selig does deserve to be in the Hall of Fame and of course is!