Jack Healey Blog December 21st, 2016

Clay we hardly knew thee!! Clay Buchholz was traded by the Red Sox for a minor leaguer. It was a salary dump and nothing more nothing less, even though I expected the Sox to get a little bit more for him. I agree who cares about money, but it does get the Red Sox under the luxury tax which can only be a good thing.

Buchholtz’ career record is 81-61 with an ERA of 3.96 which is better than I thought.

Explain to me again how Bud Selig could’ve done anything about the steroid issue in baseball. Actually the next explanation would be the first explanation as far as I’m concerned.

There is an outcry among many now that since people like Bud Selig who supposedly enabled steroid use and manager Tony LaRussa who benefited from steroid players and are in the Hall of Fame then why aren’t the steroid players in the Hall? Actually even though it has nothing to do with Selig or LaRussa I believe the steroid players should be in the Hall regardless.

One last thing, how come Selig and LaRussa are questioned, but Joe Torre isn’t? Didn’t Torre benefit from steroid players too?