Jack Healey Blog December 14th, 2016

Are there too many bowl games in college football? Yea probably and maybe you should at least be over .500 to go to a bowl game, but so what?

The point is not who cares about the games, the point is who cares if there are more games. It’s not a question as to whether you know which bowl game is which or who is playing in what game or who is actually watching besides fans and alumni…. because as Tom Haley of the Rutland Herald points out….it’s football!!! I agree. I might not care or watch a whole bunch of them, but in flicking through the channels I might watch for a few minutes. I might watch longer if something catches my eye like Army or Navy might be playing or Boston College or what does Idaho look like or maybe if it’s the Old Dominion vs. Eastern Michigan game in the Bahamas Bowl on December 23rd, I might stop to see if I can get a glimpse of former Rutland High football standout Connor Beerworth , the son of former Rutland High football coach John Beerworth, on the sidelines as Old Dominion defensive line coach. That’s the point! It’s not who cares if there are too many games, it’s who cares if there is another holiday special or re- run! Don’t care about the games? So What! Don’t Watch!