Jack Healey Blog April 5th, 2017

The Bruins are back in the playoffs and the beauty of the post season in the NHL is that anybody can win it. I’ll give Tukka Rask credit as he has been playing really well, but he hasn’t proved he’s elite to me.  He has to be great in the playoffs.

Stupid game misconduct on Brad Marchand last night. The Bruins won, but they really needed him in a game that was crucial. I’m sure he’ll be suspended and the question is for how long? Just a really stupid thing for Marchand to do. Really stupid!!!!

I always gave more credit to Tony Romo than a lot of people did. I thought he was pretty darn good. I also think he will do a great job as a color analyst on CBS. I don’t know what the story was with Phil Simms, but I thought he did a great job too!