Jack Healey Blog April 4th, 2017

I thought Gonzaga would win it, but you can paint this year’s NCAA mens basketball championship Carolina Blue! I got to give North Carolina credit as the Tar Heels came back to the championship game and won it after a devastating last second loss to Villanova last year. That shows a lot of character.

Come on! A 9:24 PM Eastern time tip off? That’s way too late. I don’t care what anybody says. Obviously it was too late for me and I didn’t see any of it, but from what I’ve read the officiating was horrendous!

Nice opening day for the Red Sox and the pre game stuff with the Patriots was great! Love the little skit between Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski! Some of you idiots on Social Media who commented negatively about that should get a life! I laugh almost every day after I shake my head about the political statements and say to myself “What Again?” And the public talks about the media? That is laughable!

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