Jack Healey Blog April 3rd, 2017

The sweetest line in sports is “It’s Opening Day”! When you say it’s opening day, it can only mean baseball. No other sport has the feel on opening day like baseball does!

Mississippi State’s victory over UCONN in the NCAA womens basketball Final Four very well could be the greatest upset in womens college basketball history, but please don’t compare it with the USA beating Russia in hockey in the 1980 Winter Olympics. It isn’t even close!

If there ever was a team that had “momentum” it was Mississippi State, but as you know South Carolina defeated Mississippi State to win the national championship and by the way beat them for the third time this season. Two cliches that should be put to rest, but never will be! What a crock!

It’s funny, but I saw more comments about womens basketball on social media after Mississippi State defeated UCONN than I’ve seen in years. I guess one upset trumps 111 straight wins and four straight national championships any day!

Like him or not UCONN coach Geno Auriemma’s reaction to the heart breaking loss was classy! As a matter of fact it was beyond classy!

Going with Gonzaga to defeat North Carolina in the mens basketball national championship game tonight! I should predict a tie because they both have “momentum!”