I’m OK With It

By Jack Healey
I hate to see Mookie Betts go,but I knew it was inevitable and I don’t disagree with trading him and I think the Sox did as well as they could.
Remember Mookie Betts is a free agent at the end of the season so even though I wanted to see a boat load of prospects coming back the other way it wasn’t going to happen.
I was pretty sure David Price was going to be traded,but not necessarily in the same deal.
I really don’t see the hate on David Price. He wasn’t terrible and he should’ve been the 2018 World Series MVP.
Let me repeat it wasn’t about the Sox being cheap as they’ve had the highest payroll over the last couple of years,it’s about the luxury tax.
I get it it’s not my money,but potentially 12 years at 420 million? Come on man!
The Sox could sign him after this season like the Yankees did with Aroldis Chapman.
I said this when the Yankees signed Gerritt Cole, if it results in one World Series championship it would be worth it. Same thing with Mookie. The only thing is if you don’t win a World Series then it isn’t worth it!
Why are so many fans anxious to run John Henry and company out of town. Let me remind you about 2004,2007,2013 and 2018!
You people have short memories!