High School Playoffs, Gordon Hayward and Steven Wright

By Jack Healey
The girls basketball state championship games are coming up this weekend and the boys basketball playoffs head to the quarterfinals.
Divisions 1 and 2 are intriguing in boys basketball as any of a number of teams can win it.
I’ve never understood why anybody would rather play in a first round game than have a bye. It’s silly! Why can’t some fans get the concept that when you have a bye, for all intents and purposes you have already won the first round game. Hello!!!
It’s even dumber than believing momentum carrying over from one game to another.
Heard of a boys basketball fan who was actually complaining that a good team was seeded #9 and it wasn’t fair that his team seeded #1 had to play such a good team in the quarter-finals. Hello!!! As you know and this fan apparently didn’t know, seedings and pairings are completely accurate in high school sports. It’s not like the NCAA tournament that is subjective for the most part.
Fans do know that Gordon Hayward is coming off a devastating injury right? I hardly would call the Hayward signing a mistake. Let’s give him a chance to recover completely and see where things stand a year from now.
Red Sox pitcher Steven Wright just got popped 80 games for PED’s. First of all he’s stupid! I guess you need PED’s to throw a knuckle ball.
Who knew?