High School Football Week #2 , Baseball, NFL and Serena

By Jack Healey
Wow! Is high school football going to be interesting or what? Division 1 looks like the division to watch! Can you give me a favorite after week #1? I think not.
Division 2 looks like a three horse race to me… Fair Haven, Bellows Falls and Burr and Burton. In
Division 3, the two time defending state champion Windsor Yellow Jackets were knocked off by Poultney.
Mill River, Poultney and Woodstock are all 2-0 and MSJ wins its first game in its return to 11 man football.
Poultney will be hosting Mill River on Saturday September 22nd, Poultney will be at Woodstock on Friday October 5th and Mill River will be hosting Woodstock on Saturday September 29th.
I went 11-5 in week #2 and my overall record now stands at 20-11.
The Red Sox bullpen imploded again a few times over the weekend against Houston, but they did manage to pullout the final game of the three game series despite blowing a 5-1 lead. Did Houston make a statement? Of course not. How do any games played now have anything to do with a series that may or may not happen over a month from now? The answer is simple. They don’t!
I wanted Serena Williams to win the US Open. I think she is the greatest women’s tennis player of all-time and maybe the penalties assessed to her in the final were too severe, but to say the umpire was sexist and racist is absurd. How do you know? Can you climb into his head? Did he make the calls based on race and sex or did he make the calls in the heat of the moment? Come on!
Fun weekend in the NFL. Tom Brady is great and so is Aaron Rogers!
Tony Romo is great in the broadcast booth too!