High School And NFL Stuff

By Jack Healey
I wasn’t at the Rutland at Rice boys basketball game on Monday night, but judging by the pictures in the Burlington Free Press the game was nowhere near a packed house. That surprises me. The game a week ago between Rutland and Mt. Mansfield at Rutland a game that I was at and was a rematch of last year’s state title game wasn’t anywhere near a packed house either. That also surprises me.
I’m not sure what you call a dynasty, but don’t you think the end of a dynasty should be at least missing the playoffs for a couple of years?
The Patriots only put 10 points on the board in their loss against Pittsburgh and I get that, the offense wasn’t very good and I also get that the defense only gave up 17 points and you should win those games when you only give up 17 points, but It’s still about the defense with the Patriots. It’s obvious to me. The Pats gave up 142 yards rushing to a third string running back and again gave up too many big plays on third down.
I don’t see the Patriots getting to the Super Bowl. You know it’s hard to get there right? I do see the Patriots still getting the #2 seed and a first round bye as I see them beating Buffalo and the Jets at home in the final two regular season games and I see Philadelphia beating Houston at Philly this week.
As good as Kansas City, the LA Chargers, Houston, New Orleans, the LA Rams and a few other teams have been this season, they aren’t all going to win the Super Bowl. You do know that only one team wins right?
I can’t believe the LA Rams lost to a back-up quarterback.
Miami wins in the “Miracle in Miami” and Oakland with a come back upset win over Pittsburgh so both teams ride that “momentum” into victories in their following game. OH Wait A Minute! Never Mind!