Hey Manny, you didn’t hurt my knee, but I won’t be back for a year, or longer!

By Eric Berry

At some point you must wonder what it is that Dustin Pedroia did to his knee, don’t you? Pedroia, who notoriously threw his manager, and team, under the bus last year after the whole Manny Machado incident/slide into second base/the Sox threw at Manny thing. I mean, a few years ago Adrian Peterson tore his ACL and less than 9 months later he was shredding the NFL to the tune of 2,097 yards! The NFL! You know, where they hit people and you have to cut all over the place to avoid having massive meatheads hit you.

And yet, here we are some 375 days later wondering if Dustin can resume “baseball activities”. Thank the Lord that AP didn’t have to do “baseball activities” before returning to the NFL. He would have never played a down that season. I bristle because I’m frustrated. I ask you and Dustin Pedroia this: If you were not hurt that bad on that slide what the hell is taking so long to return? Was it because you were hurt prior to that and it’s a culmination of all the wear and tear to go along with it? I just want answers. Red Sox nation wants answers. At least I think it does.

And now, after researching for this blog, I have found that there are a couple of answers out there. Pedie has gone on record within the last 24 hours in saying that he put his career in jeopardy by playing through the injury last year. He had to have a two-part surgery to take care of his knee. We all know he has played through injuries over his career. Hence the reason we love the guy. Aside from Mookie Betts he’s my favorite player, with JBJ and Benny being right there.

Still, you have to wonder, did the slide from Machado cause more damage than anyone is saying or was it a combination of overuse and the slide?