Final 4

North Carolina is my only Final 4 pick that made it to the Final 4, but I didn’t pick North Carolina to win it all. I had Michigan State over Kansas in the final.

Right now I’m going with:

North Carolina over Syracuse and Oklahoma over Villanova in the Semi’s with Oklahoma to win it all. Oklahoma I believe is the best team left. We will see. Maybe I have to revise my pick a week from today.

I will stop talking about momentum from game to game when every fan, coach, sportswriter, sportscaster and player stop talking about it. Again a few more examples:

In the Division 1 mens hockey Regional semi’s both Ferris State and UMASS-Lowell won games in overtime and in the Division 3 National semi’s St. Norbert defeated UMASS-Boston in double overtime.

For all three winners the ultimate in having momentum right? Wrong! In all three cases those three went onto lose in the D1 Regional Finals or the D3 National Final and by substantial margins. Ferris State lost to Denver 6-3, UMASS-Lowell lost to Quinnipiac 4-1 in Regional Finals action and St. Norbert lost to Wisconson-Stevens Point in the D3 National Final 5-1.

Again momentum is hogwash when it comes to game to game and fans, coaches,sportswriters, sportscasters and players will still continue to talk about it and I will continue to point out that they are wrong in doing so!…… Jack Healey