Don’t look now, but I’m backkkkkk!

I’ve decided it’s time for me to get back to writing again.  I miss it.  You may not miss me, and that’s fine, but I’m still getting back to ranting and raving about Lebron James’ flops(got a little something to pick on him today), High School sports, the NFL, and anything else that falls into the radar.

First, the NFL.  Robert Alford did his best Lebron James imitation yesterday when he flopped like he’d been hit by a sniper, after just a little push from Aaron Rodgers.  How funny was that?  The refs didn’t buy it.  Side note-Lebron thought it was great.

I was pretty confident going into the playoffs that the Atlanta Falcons offense would be overpowering to any NFC foes.  I had zero confidence in Dallas, who barely beat my Vikings a few weeks ago, to get the job done.  It was also obvious that Green Bay’s defense wouldn’t hold up. What wasn’t so obvious is that Seattle would play so ineffectively.  With that thought in mind Patriots fans, you may want to hold up the trash talk for a bit, before thinking Super Bowl LI is all yours.  This Atlanta offense is crazy good.  And if they have one running back get hurt, they won’t be replacing them with someone over 30 years old(see Pittsburgh, although Williams was very solid and I like him). They have Devonta Freeman AND Tevin Coleman!  If I was Kyle Shanahan I’d run, run, and run some more against the Pats-keeping Tom Brady off of the field.

On the flip side, the Patriots defense may be a little better than given credit for to date.  Everyone says, including all the so-called expert NFL analysts, that they haven’t played anyone.  Um, Pittsburgh has a pretty good offense. Even without Le’Veon Bell.  Antonio Brown was louder during his Facebook Live session in KC.  7 catches for 77 yards!  That’s nothing.

Right now in my head I see the game being high scoring.  I think it comes down to two of the great kickers in the NFL, Gostkowski and Bryant. Two clutch kickers that may have their name forever linked to “wide right” or “wide left” after February 5th.  I hope not, but for some reason I have a feeling that is how it’s going to play out.  I had a feeling going in yesterday that Atlanta was going to win, but I also was high on Pittsburgh-though I knew it would very tough for them to win in Foxboro.  I have a weird feeling that Atlanta might pull off an upset.  But, you’ll have to wait for my prediction and the eventual two-week show that some of the players will put on off the field, before I make my choice.

High school hoops are about half way through the season, with some boys teams having played more than half of their regular season schedule.  I wasn’t there to watch it, but I hear tell that the Rutland boys team was as good as billed vs. St. Johnsbury Academy the other day.  I also heard the ‘Toppers played them very tough.  Playoffs will be very exciting, and upset filled I’m guessing, on the boys side.  As for the girls, most are just getting to the halfway point with St. Johnsbury Academy, Lyndon Institute, Windsor, and West Rutland sitting atop the VPA rankings.

That’s it for me. It’s good to be back!