Daytona 500

By Jack Healey
It’s funny about NASCAR fans. They always feel that their sport never gets any publicity,but yet I can’t remember one call in 45 plus years of hosting sports talk shows.
There were certainly a lot of comments about the Daytona 500 on social media yesterday though. Most of it was concern for Ryan Newman who was in that horrific crash. Thankfully even though Newman is in serious condition his injuries are not life threatening. I was watching and I can’t believe he survived,but thank God that he did. Denny Hamlin won the race by inches over Ryan Blaney,but it took a back seat to the concern over Ryan Newman.
How about Joe Gibbs? He now has four Daytona 500 victories as an owner to go along with his three Super Bowl victories as coach of the Washington Redskins.
You often hear that NASCAR fans go to see the wrecks. I can’t believe any fan would want to see what happened last night. Nobody can be that sick. At least I hope not.